The following training courses have been developed to ensure our clients use our software to its fullest capabilities:

  • Arbutus Analyzer 101

This training module teaches beginner users of Arbutus Analyzer how to use the product efficiently and effective in a practical audit environment. (3 days)

  • Arbutus Functions 201

Arbutus Functions 201 trains advanced users in the usage of the powerful functions available in Arbutus Analyzer (2 days)

  • Arbutus Procedures 301

Arbutus Procedures 301 opens the world of automation to the advanced Arbutus user. Participants learn how to automate repetitive tasks in Arbutus and how to design and develop Arbutus applications. (3 days)

  • Arbutus Server Administration

Arbutus server administrators are shown how to maximise the power of Arbutus Server in their organisation while implementing a secure data analytical platform. (2 days)

  • Data Analysis in a SAP environment

Data analysts are introduced to the complex but efficient world of SAP data tables and how to reach those mystical data elements of SAP. Participants typically work in organisations where SAP R/3 is installed and have access to Arbutus SmartLink. (3 days)

BST Technology specialises in providing on-site training and uses our clients own data during training courses. 

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