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Arbutus SmartLink for SAP ERP

Arbutus SmartLink for SAP ERP


The Arbutus SmartLink for SAP ERP module allows Arbutus users to connect to their SAP data in a secure and efficient manner. Once SmartLink is installed, users can access all SAP data tables that their user authorisation allows.

SmartLink for SAP ERP is unique in the audit data analytical environment. It requires NO SAP INSTALL, facilitating very fast and effective deployment.

Installing and configuring Arbutus Smart Link for SAP ERP on the Arbutus Windows Server for use with Arbutus Analyzer clients is quick and easy.

Smart Link for SAP ERP currently relies on the standard SAP client to provide connectivity. Since all Arbutus SAP access is made through the Arbutus Windows Server, the SAP client must be installed on the same physical Windows server that the Arbutus Windows Server resides upon.


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