About Us

Who is BST Technology

BST Technology (Pty) Ltd is a South African company that specialises in the provision of
advisory services in the continuous auditing and continuous monitoring space.

The company was founded by Anton Bouwer, an experienced data analytic specialists in
the auditing environment. Anton worked for most of the Big audit firms including PwC,
Deloitte and BDO as well as for FNB and Metropolitan. During the early 2000's he worked
for ACL Limited as professional services manager in Belgium. During this period he met
Grant Brodie and Prof. Hart Will, the Iegendary auditors that brought data analytics to the
audit community.

After his return to South Africa, Anton worked with CQS and implemented a number of the
first continuous auditing solutions in Africa. Over the years he was involved in more than
20 implementations and specialises in ERP databases such as SAP, Oracle, JDE, Syspro etc.
During 2003, Grant Brodie sold his shares in ACL and agreed not to compete with ACL in
the auditing software industry. This agreement expired in 2013 and Grant's company,
Arbutus software, introduced its new audit software to the audit community.

After a thorough evaluation of Arbutus desktop and server software, it was an easy
decision for BST Technology to switch to the powerful Arbutus software. BST Technology
was appointed official Arbutus distributor in Southern Africa and has since been providing
continuous auditing solutions to clients in the mining, finance, retail, tax and auditing

Our mission is to provide the full spectrum of services in the continuous auditing and
monitoring environment. Our highly experienced team of experts will assist your
department in the implementation of a turnkey solution that will address every strategic
element to ensure the success of your investment.

For more information:
Office: +27 21 863 3127/8
Fax: +27 21 863 1117
Mobile: +27 82 371 0578